Under a hot, dry African sun at Camp Zagre, a small military camp near Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, medics from the Burkinabe military quickly respond to a Flintlock exercise scenario. A fellow soldier was wounded during a ground movement and now they needed to spring into action to save her life.

A rush of French words fills the air as commands are given and one medic scrambles to the aid of his fallen friend. Seeing a gushing bullet wound, he applies a tourniquet to her leg, stopping the flow of blood. Air in the chest cavity complicates the treatment but inserting a catheter needle helps relieve the pressure. Once stabilized, several other soldiers strap the wounded soldier on a stretcher and evacuate her to the nearest hospital. Lucky for the female Burkinabe soldier, a Role 1 aid station was a mere 100 feet away, manned by two Army National Guard doctors and a medic from Michigan.